Employers who have not already done so should start to prepare for what STP2 means for them.

DSPs are starting to hear whether their deferrals have been approved. DSPs will contact their clients directly.

It is the expectation that finally the vast majority of employers will transition to STP2. Deferrals will expire and only employers in very exceptional circumstances, such as having poor or no internet access, will be granted exemptions.

New employers who haven’t started STP reporting and need more time to transition can themselves, or through their registered tax or BAS agent, can seek a transitional deferral through either Online services for business or by phoning 13 28 66

A Girl Friday exclusively uses Xero & MYOB, and both software providers have an approved deferral for the start of STP2. Accordingly, as a practice we wil be implimenting STP2 services for our clienmts from 1 July 2022.