Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package – COVID-19

Updated as of 2 April 2020

The new payment under the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package is a payment to support Child Care Services to remain open. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the sector has reported significant decreases in attendance and enrolments. These payments will ensure services can remain open, and families who need it can access care.

Weekly payments will be made to services at approximately 50 per cent of the fee up to a maximum of the hourly rate cap for sessions of care in the fortnight preceding 2 March 2020 (i.e. Monday 17 February 2020 through to 28 February 2020). For example, if you service charged $20,000 in fees for that fortnight (and charged fees at or under the hourly rate cap), the weekly payment would be $5000…

Read details HERE – https://www.education.gov.au/childcare-FAQ